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The Body Shop Gym has completed a County Of Mono self-certification for businesses and are implementing all applicable health and safety requirements for this business, pursuant to the County of Mono document 'Guidelines for businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic'. A certificate is displayed on the premises.

The following are currently rules for entry and use of The Body Shop Gym (you will sign electronic waiver to this effect before using the gym):

*Do not enter the gym if you are experiencing any cold or flu type symptoms.

*You must wear a suitable mask or face covering over your mouth AND nose any time you are in the gym.

*Stay 6ft  away from any other person in the gym (except for ones you share a household with), this could mean waiting to use a particular piece of equipment if in too close proximity to another being utilized.

*Use the sanitizer wipes provided throughout the gym to clean anything you have touched with your hands or sweated on. Feel free to also use them before using equipment to ensure extra protection for yourself.

*Wash and/or sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer provided when you need to touch frequently touched areas.

*Try to limit the equipment used at any one time (keep circuit training to a minimum right now), so as to limit the possibility of spreading germs to others in the gym.

*You must check-in electronically before starting your workout, either on the tablet, using the QR scanner (when in use) or manually by a staff member. This will create a digital record of attendance that we may use for contact tracing, should it be required.

*Follow any additional safety directives on signs throughout the gym and any verbal directives given by staff.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to a member of staff.

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