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The Body Shop Gym is located in the heart of Mammoth Lakes, CA. We are located inside a great low level building with a parkinglot right outside the door, this makes The Body Shop handicap accessible.  The gym consists of an office, a main gym floor, a stretch room and a room housing our changing rooms and lockers. The main gym floor is a nice open space with tripple aspect windows allowing pleanty of natural light to illuminate the space, giving a nice boost to your workout. Several large wall mirrors fill any space that isn't occupied by a window. TVs are placed throughout the gym and pleasant music is always playing in the room. Our helpful staff are happy to show you around and describe the function of the equipment. Trainers are available by appointment.


Cardio Equipment:

4 x Treadmills

3 x Ellipticals

1 x Stair Stepper

6 x Spin bikes

2 x Recumbent Bikes

1 x Wind rowing machine


Weight Equipment:

1 x Pec fly / Rear delt machine

1 x Weight assisted pullup/dip machine (w/ climbers grips)

1 x Incline leverage row

1 x Multi Press

1 x Plate loaded 7 degree Smith machine

1 x Adjustable decline ab bench

1 x Three way Olympic bench

2 x Cable pulldowns

2 x Triceps cable pulldowns

1 x Seated cable row

1 x Multi-function cable crossover

1 x Selectorized leg extension

1 x Selectorized leg curl

1 x Plate loaded seated calf press

1 x Plate loaded leg press

1 x Plate loaded power cage

1 x Back extension

1 x Preacher bench

1 x Leg raise

1 x Freestanding dip bars

5 lbs - 110 lbs pro style dumbbells

1 lbs -12 lbs aerobic dumbbells

5 lbs - 30 lbs hex dumbbells

20lbs - 100 lbs fixed weight barbells

6lbs - 24lbs weighted toning bars

2x 9lbs, 2x 18lbs, 2x 26lbs kettle bells

Plate loaded EZ Curl bars

Plate loaded barbell

Plate loaded Olympic barbel

Plate loaded crouch/dead-lift bar


Various other equipment:

4 x Padded stretch mats

3 x Aerobic step platforms with raisers

Step plyo box

Various flat, seated and recliner benches

Arm Blaster

Jump Rope

Ab wheels

Swiss balls (Stability balls)

Stability air disks

Weight belts

Medicine ball

Foam rollers

Hanging climbing strength grip

Round wobble/balance board

Bongo balance board

Weight lifting belts

Dip belt with chain

Bosu ball

Pilates power ring

Stretch resistance bands

Ab slings

All kinds of attachment handles for cable machine




Please note that the above list is approximate, our equipment might change at any time without immediately posting on here. If you have a question about a piece of equipment, give us a call.

The Body Shop Gym has lockers (bring your own padlock) and a changing room with a privacy booth. We do not have showers on the premises.

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